I am a creative, energetic, and self-motivated individual. My biggest passion and goal in life is to make a difference. It could be a small difference or a substantial transformation. As long as it benefits our world and society, I am in it to win it.  Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.

I find ways to utilize my creativity that will enhance the workflow for myself and for my coworkers. In turn, I am confident that I can adapt to any work setting that will keep me thinking at my most imaginative to benefit the team and yield the most efficient and effective results. I enjoy being challenged and introduced to diverse settings. As a result of my versatility and dedication to novel circumstances, I am certain that wherever my skills land me (be it, in a marketing firm, media organization, entertainment industry, music production company, event organization, or wherever can benefit from my expertise), I will take pleasure in employing my creative thought processes and commitment to the job at large.




Bachelor of Fine Arts
Filmmaking | Film Studies | Media Arts |  Critical Writing

Graduation Date:  December 16, 2016
Summa Cum Laude ** 4.0 GPA