Video Productions

This short film was created as an Independent Study but was made in conjunction with a Car Culture course (A film theory course). In this film, I explored a subversion of patriarchal culture, particularly in relation to the automobile and its symbolism of freedom.

Video 1 of a 3-series project. This video encompasses a personal look into a place/space that is meaningful to me

Video 2 of a 3-series project. For this series, our group had to find a film was either filmed in NM or had a scene that was filmed in NM. We chose Two Lane Blacktop (1971) – mainly due to our fascination with the existential crises and culture that arose during the early 70s and its relationship to the road. This particular project required that we alter some scenes of the original film to tell a new and brief story in the form of a found footage film.

Video 3 of a 3-series project. For this final project, using our chosen film, we had to make a pilgrimage film to 1 location that the film was shot. In Two Lane Blacktop (1971), there was only one short segment of the film that took place in Santa Fe, NM. One momentous scene shows James Taylor, Dennis Wilson and Laurie Bird driving into a drive-in restaurant to a hot rod meet up. We chose to visit that restaurant, which is now abandoned and in the process of becoming a Taco Foundation. We documented our pilgrimage in relationship to how the characters in Two Lane Blacktop experienced their journey along an existential road of America and elaborated on the mythological residue that the particular location holds (similar to the sentiment expressed of my own personal space, revealed in Video 1)

This is a short, personal poem film that briefly discusses my personal tribulations and the passions that keep me going in life

This short film is a process documentary that documents the creation and progression of a painting from start to (almost) finish. This is one of the very few films where I created the music.

This is a short narrative film illustrating the grieving process of losing a loved one to unnatural causes. This film divulges the pain, frustration, sadness and guilt that come with a grieving process. This film also reveals the dark side of coping with grief and the overwhelming depression that comes along with it.

This is a short portrait or documentary film of the owners of the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, NM. This film was a collaboration between myself (as cinematographer and still photographer) and Olivia Bair (as editor)