Basement Films Member (August 2015)

Basement Films is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that supports experimental, independent, and under-represented forms of film and videomaking. As a member, I assist this organization with events such as the annual Experiments in Cinema Film Festival (EIC) and any other community events that arise. I work with 16mm film and make loops for projection mapping at events and also work as a candid photographer for the EIC film festival. My main passion in this organization is to expand my knowledge of under-represented forms of cinema and educate the public and arts community about the voices in media and cinema that often go unnoticed.


Experiments in Cinema – Technical Director (July 2016 – April 2017)

In July 2016, I was selected to become the new Technical Director for the 2017 Experiments in Cinema Film Festival. In this position, I was in charge of grouping films together per program or “experiment”, communicating the acceptance and rejection responses to our entries, communicating with participating artists for proper video codec and deadline submissions, managing the projection booth during the film festival as the projectionist, and serving as a technical supervisor/troubleshooter for equipment and playback during the course of the festival.